Can You Do Post-Natal Massage At Home – Pros & Cons Debunked

Torn between a Post-Natal Massage At Home or a studio postnatal massage? This blog explores the pros & cons of post-natal massage at home, debunking common concerns.


In postpartum, changes are natural in mothers because this period has its effects.

While the arrival of your newborn is a joyous occasion, it’s also physically demanding. 

Your body needs time to heal from childbirth, and many women experience aches, pains, and fatigue. 

Trying post-natal massage at home is the wise choice for a mother-to-be.

But is an in-home postnatal massage the right choice for you?  Here are a few reasons that you must know:

Allure of In-Home Post-natal Massage

The early days with a newborn can be chaotic.  The thought of venturing out for a massage appointment might feel overwhelming. 

In-home postnatal massage offers a solution, bringing the spa experience directly to your doorstep.

Post-Natal Massage At Home

Pros of In-Home Postnatal Massage


No need to pack up the diaper bag, find childcare, or brave the elements.

A massage therapist comes to you, allowing you to relax in the familiar environment of your own home.


Schedule the massage around your baby’s nap time or a time that works best for you.

There’s no need to stick to rigid appointment slots offered by a massage studio.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your baby is safe and close by can significantly reduce stress and allow you to fully unwind during the massage.

Cons of In-Home Postnatal Massage

Space Requirements

Ensure you have a dedicated space for the massage table and a comfortable environment for both you and the therapist.

Privacy Concerns

While most therapists are professional, consider how comfortable you are having someone in your personal space.

Limited Atmosphere

It can be challenging to completely recreate the spa-like serenity experience at home, with potential interruptions from family members or household chores.


Some in-home massage services might charge a premium compared to a studio setting; however, some may offer competitive rates.

Debunking Common Concerns

Is In-Home Massage Safe After Birth?

Absolutely!  However, it’s crucial to wait for your doctor’s approval, typically 6 weeks postpartum for a vaginal delivery and 8 weeks after a C-section.

Can I Breastfeed During the Massage?

Yes, you can!  Communicate with your therapist about positions that allow for comfortable feeding during the massage.

What if My Baby Cries?

Don’t worry!  A qualified postnatal massage therapist at Revives is used to working with newborns. 

You can pause the session to attend to your baby or ask the therapist to incorporate gentle massage techniques for your little one.

Alternatives to In-Home Postnatal Massage

Spa Massage with Childcare

Some massage spas offer childcare services while you enjoy your session. This option allows you to escape and unwind completely.

Couple Massage

If an in-home massage feels intimidating, consider a luxurious couple massage session with your significant other at Revives Home Spa.

Learning basic techniques can help them offer some relief and a bonding experience.

Making the Most of Your Postnatal Massage

Choose a Certified Therapist: Look for a therapist with specific training in prenatal and postnatal massage.

Communicate Clearly: Discuss your areas of discomfort, energy levels, and any restrictions you have.

Create a Relaxing Environment: Dim the lights, light some candles, and play calming music.

Enjoy the Experience: Postnatal massage is a time for self-care and relaxation.

Take a break from your mommy duties and allow yourself to rejuvenate.

The Final Decision

The choice between in-home and spa massage depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Consider your comfort level with having someone in your home, the availability of childcare, and the importance of a spa-like atmosphere.

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