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Pre and Post-Natal

Starts from 249 AED 60 minutes

Pre and post-natal massage is ideal for pregnant ladies that need to get some rest and unwind in a protected and consoling way.

Prenatal massage therapy
pregnancy massage at home
pre & postnatal massage

What Our Clients Say

pregnant woman on summer alley

“I had my first prenatal massage with Revives Home Spa, and it was an amazing experience. The therapist was knowledgeable and adapted the massage to cater to my needs. I felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated after the session.”

Sarah Dubai
pregnancy massage

“As an expectant mother, I was experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort. I decided to try prenatal massage and I am so glad I did. The massage therapist was gentle and caring, and the massage helped me feel more comfortable and less anxious.”

Sophia Ras Al Khaimah
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