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Are you exhausted and longing to set up a spa within the at-home comforts of your own home?

Thank you to Revives which is an on-demand spa service that dispatches therapists throughout Abu Dhabi, you can now avail this service.

If there is one service we\’ve been unable to locate on the market in Abu Dhabi since we have lived here for the past two years and it\’s the spa at home. When Confidential announced that REVIVERS Spa was launching within Abu Dhabi, we were excited to experience their services.

After our first visit that was truly unforgettable and unforgettable, we are able to understand how this brand from the UAE has established a strong reputation throughout Abu Dhabi in such a very short time. Naturally we have to share this information to all of our faithful readers.


Our thoughts after experiencing this exquisite home massage!

First, we need to talk about the professional way of booking the flight in particular for a company which is making its debut in a brand new city. It was announced in mid-October of 2020 with Abu Dhabi.

Shortly after we shared our phone number and deciding to a time to review a home massage We received a thorough WhatsApp message recommending that we select among the various 60-minute massages for Deep Tissue, Relaxation and Aromatherapy, Sports Weight loss, Traditional Thai, Reflexology or Pre & Post Natal.

Along with the text was an Adobe PDF slide which would address any questions about how the service functions prior to, during and following the massage, as well as practical questions regarding the space available for the massage therapist.

Scheduled as scheduled for Thursday the morning of, Revives gave us their massage, for 60 minutes at home. We were confident that we would be on the right track when the therapist showed up 15 minutes earlier than the time for the appointment.

After a brief introduction to our therapist, she put up the room and was amazed at the transformation in just a couple of minutes. The care that was taken was remarkable- the massage bed was set with white linen candle holders as well as songs (at an appropriate level) as well as lavender oil along with a bowl of flowers placed under the headrest.

The Deep Tissue massage we picked is the perfect choice if your body is aching – from having done too many exercises with the body not stretching enough – and you\’re trying to ease stiff neck and leg muscles, as well as sore shoulders, or ease lower back discomfort. The hard pressure massage consists of deep long, rolling strokes.


Our therapist focused on our entire body all the way from top to bottom and was able to ease tension and muscle pain in less than an hour. Concentrating on re-aligning the deeper layers of connective tissue and muscles Our therapist was able to work hard on our thighs, thereby increasing blood flow. We were also impressed by how thoroughly she concentrated on our backs while removing knots that were strong with the tiger balm. After a short dry facial massage the masseuse massaged our heads and asked if we would be also interested in ending with an exercise. Do not say no, because your body will be at ease and stretched after the session.

The massage that we received was pure magic for the muscles we were so tired of. It was an amazing treatment. We felt rejuvenated and refreshed.

Revives gives you a luxurious 5-star spa treatment that can help you recover at the comfort of your own home. After the treatment is finished, there\’s no hassle of getting to the spa and sacrificing the benefits of the massage since you\’re in your home!

Revives provides a variety of massages, such as 60, 90 and 120-minute couple and single treatments. See below for pricing details for couple and single massages, based on their duration.

So, whether you\’re exhausted after a stressful week at work, wish to indulge yourself in the last-minute or treat your spouse or a loved one with one or two massages, REVIVERS will offer you the complete in-home, top quality massage experience. A previous tip to give to your friends when you recommend a friend, both you and your friend will be rewarded with 100 AED off*

REVIVERS Therapists are on call all week long between 10 am and midnight.

This offer is valid for an exclusive discount on service on referral guests and those who refer guests. The discount is applicable to any massage service that is 300 AED or more.

Website: https://revives.ae/

Tel:+971 0562009359

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