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Home massage Abu Dhabi is an effective treatment that manipulates the soft tissues of your body using variable degrees of movement and pressure.

Massage is an antique practice with roots in ancient China, Asians, Egypt, Japan, and Greece. Every civilization developed and practiced massage as a medical treatment through a wide range of techniques. They documented their practices in writing and additionally had faculties to show their craft.

Though these cultures practiced totally different variations of home massage Abu Dhabi the top result was typically the same: shriveled muscle tension, stress, and pain, and raised comfort and overall feeling of wellbeing. Because the word and magic of massage have spread, fashionable Western culture has come back to embrace massage for its health and recreational benefits.

Of course, no 2 messages are quite alike. They’re custom-tailored with specific ends in mind. And albeit it’s usually safe, individuals with specific conditions ought to avoid massage practices that may exacerbate any current problems.


Home service massage Abu Dhabi is helpful to improve your health and wellbeing, or perhaps just assist you to feel a lot of relaxed.

You can expect a consultation along with your massage expert once you build an appointment. They’ll raise if you have got any explicit pains or past ailments they must remember before they start.

Once the overall consultation is over, many therapists offer you an area to get rid of your clothing in order that they can massage you. Once this happens, they\’ll leave the area and enable you to change. a lot of typically than not, you’ll have a cloth or towel to hide you that you’re not absolutely exposed to. Once the session is over, they leave the area thus you can re-dress by yourself.

If you’re not snug with removing your consumer goods for a massage, do not worry. Some varieties of massage truly occur with clothing. Or, you can name this concern to your massage expert and they’ll find a way to accommodate you.


There are many anecdotal proofs that support the advantages of massage. However, if you’re trying to find a lot of serious evidence, there is a wealth of studies that demonstrate the link between massages and shriveled pain and symptoms for various conditions.

Revives home service massage in Abu Dhabi can facilitate improved symptoms for a good range of conditions, including…

·   cardiovascular disease

·   respiratory illness

·   sclerosis

·   HIV

·   dementia

·   Fibromyalgia

·   sleep disorder

·   arthritis

·   High-pressure level

·   biological process disorders

·   Back pain

·   Soft tissue injuries

·   Migraines

·   Chemotherapy-related nausea

·   Anxiety

·   Depression

·   Stress

So, however, does massage build a positive impact on these many totally different health conditions? One key: multiple studies have shown that massage medical aid reduces cortisol levels and will increase internal secretion levels. cortisol may be a stress hormone that supports your “fight or flight” response. Once your body is exposed there long-term, you\’ll experience anxiety, depression, sleep problems, weight gain, and even heart disease.

Oxytocin, on the opposite hand, is thought of as the “love” hormone. Besides its regular positive side effects, its presence has been shown to benefit individuals with autism, social anxiety, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

It stands to reason that many of the studies on massage and chronic health conditions incontestable shriveled corticosteroid and raised internal secretion in patients, permitting them to feel less painful symptoms and heal a lot of quickly.

Another study showed that children with veteran syndrome increased oxytocin levels once regular massage. They additionally slept higher and had fewer night awakenings.

And if you don’t experience a chronic health problem but are trying to find improved eudaemonia or relief from pain overall, a massage is a wonderful option. One study showed that massage medical aid helped hospital patients modify each of the emotional and physical aspects of pain.


Massage therapy is usually a secure application that is helpful to its recipients. However, if you have bounded ailments or conditions — or if you’re unlucky enough to encounter a poorly trained home massage service Abu Dhabi.

For your health, you ought to ensure the placement wherever you receive your massage is hygienical and embraces correct and safe equipment. no one wants to put down on a flimsy massage table.

Adverse aspect effects of massage that are a lot ordinary include muscle pain and soreness throughout the primary few days following the massage. However, you can typically avoid this by seeking out a licensed and trained massage therapist.


Certified massage home service Abu Dhabi usually ought to have educational study, supervised training, and a requisite quantity of application hours to get their license. Most states have massage medical aid license requirements, with exceptions.

One study showed that cancer patients risk a lot of adverse side effects than non-cancerous message recipients. Spinal manipulation has additionally made more adverse risks, though it\’s still thought of as usually safe.

And expecting mothers can positively get pleasure from a massage — however, they will risk an enhanced chance of miscarriage throughout a first-trimester massage. Pregnant ladies with insecure pregnancy concerns, a recent organ transplant, or a high-pressure level ought to also tread rigorously once considering a massage.

It’s important to analyze totally different massage varieties if you have got a particular medical condition, you’re making an attempt to treat. As we have a tendency to explore a lot within the following section, for example, people with lupus ought to in all probability steer clear from a deep tissue massage.


Massage Abu Dhabi is often the sort of treatment the general public probably considers once they hear the word “massage.” It uses long, sweeping motions of pressure to ease muscle tension and relax the body.

Who is it for? The Natural Body Massage may be an excellent place to start for beginners. If you’ve never gotten a massage before and are wanting to experience one for the first time and just relax, you actually can’t go wrong. You can expect light-to-medium pressure with a focus on the complete body.


Deep pressure Abu Dhabi home massage isn’t essentially for relaxation – they often treat pain or specific conditions. You can expect a deep pressure massage to focus on a singular space rather than the full-body, with the intent of smoothing out muscle knots.

If you have an interest in an exceedingly deep pressure massage if you notice chronic pain in your muscles, notably from manual labor or sports. hassle areas often embrace the neck or shoulders with a sense of stiffness or cramping.

However, will I feel after? you\’ll expertise soreness, as this is often a therapeutic massage. The difficult spots could feel tender for a number of days. However, once the muscles have recovered, you ought to be feeling better!


A Heated Stone massage at home Abu Dhabi uses typical relaxation massage techniques, with the addition of warm stones additional to provide weight and heat to the experience. The warmth helps unleash tension in your muscles.

If you’re snug with ancient relaxation massage and want to feature an additional element and treat yourself, contemplate a Hot Stone Massage.


A chair massage may be a fast massage that focuses on the higher body and can be performed in about fifteen minutes.

A chair massage is ideal for somebody who is brief on time or doesn\’t want to get rid of any consumer goods or be coated in massage oil.

You\’ll expertise some relief of tension after home massage in Abu Dhabi – it’s the proper short fix for soreness.

Speak with a massage professional at Revives and learn a lot about the massage services we provide – and schedule an appointment once you’re ready!

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