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When you schedule a massage, you’re most likely trying to find pain relief. or even you just want to relax. Either way, did you recognize that a massage additionally enhances your system? Indeed, a full body massage Dubai has many benefits to offer.

Once you are available to go to us at Revives full body massage Dubai our team offers full body massage, and we have a tendency to perform them with the very best level of expertise. Revives full body massage Dubai help by relieving your stress and anxiety, as well as boosting your immune system.


A full body massage will increase your blood flow, eases inflammation, and reduces tightness in your muscles. That’s why you feel utterly relaxed once you visit our spa. Our messages additionally remove your stress, that can:

Down your pulse rate

• scale back your stress secretion

• Lower your vital sign

• assist you to sleep higher

• Decrease or eliminate your headaches

• facilitate cure of digestive issues

• Increase your psychological skills

All of those positive advantages strengthen your immune system, which can help you feel well and keep you healthy.


At Revives, our full body massage in Dubai lasts fifteen to ninety minutes, depending on the massage you select and the kind of treatment you receive.

we\’ve choices to fulfill the precise desires that can relieve you of:

• Tension

• Sports injuries

• Allergies and sinus problems

• Sleep issues

• Dehydrated skin

• Pain and inflammation

• Strains and sore muscle groups

• Scalp dehydration

We additionally use completely different ways of treatment, like heated stones, cannabidiol (CBD) oil, hot towel compresses, arnica products, and more.

There are different types of massage out there, every achieving completely different results.

Most of us are at home with the image of a standard massage table and oils. However, massage doesn’t work into just one category. There are dozens upon dozens of variations, generally even inside one set of massage.

These different kinds of messages and ways are known as modalities. Modalities are developed to focus on specific issues or areas of concern to urge tailored results. we won’t list all the modalities here because there are this many, however below you’ll find different well-liked modalities that you can usually notice.

Not every modality is created for each person, however, that’s why it’s thus nice — you can find a sort of massage tailored to each of your personal desires and philosophy.

·       Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy uses essential oils in massage therapy. The use of essential oils dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt, wherever they typically gave scented massages and aromatic baths.

mixing these 2 components along promotes relaxation and might invigorate or energize you, reckoning on the kinds of scents your massage healer chooses. Many therapists can refer to you initially to be told the styles of essential oils you prefer.

·       Craniosacral medical body massage

For those trying to find a delicate and non-invasive body massage experience, craniosacral therapy could also be the proper fit. If you’re shy regarding popping out your clothes ahead of a stranger, all the better. Practitioners of craniosacral therapy will typically massage you totally clothed, with light-weight and still movements.

Specialists during this space believe that touching helps restore the central nervous system and improve irregular sleep patterns. and in contrast to many ancient massages that either use a chair or a massage table, craniosacral sessions typically begin in a very massage chair initially and then move to a massage table. The healer also will sign in with you throughout the massage to create certain they’re supplying you with the proper level of touch.

·       Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage mainly relieves severe muscle tension. It’s particularly effective if you have got musculoskeletal disorders, bodily property problems, or chronic muscle pain and tension. Massage therapists often use their knuckles, hands, and elbows to essentially dig in.

Stay away from profound tissue knead in case you are encountering aggravated joints or conditions like lupus in light of the fact that the incredible idea of the back rub might demolish an erupt. Whereas deep tissue is based on layers of muscles. Deep pressure massage is based on the complete body.

·       Sport Massage

Athletes work their bodies hard, that\’s why there’s a whole industry around specifically-tailored sports massage. you\’ll take advantage of a sports massage before, during, or once athletic events. This helps relieve pains, ward off potential injuries, and promote flexibility. Massage healers commonly mix massage techniques, almost like deep tissue rubdown or acupuncture, to tailor to the athletes’ and sports’ express needs.

·       Swedish massage

it\’s going to be close to the bottom of the list, however, that doesn’t mean it’s unpopular. The Swedish massage is really referred to as the “traditional” massage. If you’ve gotten a massage before, the likelihood is that you experienced something similar.


Massage healers usually blend rubdown strategies, almost like deep tissue rub down or acupuncture, to tailor to the athletes’ and sports activities’ express wishes. Before you start looking for a body massage near me you must expect a consultation to raise your health and mode and if you have got any explicit robust spots or areas to avoid. This massage can ensue on a massage table and usually lasts between 35-60 minutes.


It’s no secret that getting a massage is one of the most effective ways in which to relax your body. That’s your initial thought once you think of a massage, right? you most likely forestall resting and holding yourself to escape for a small amount whereas your massage healer helps to alleviate your stress.

However, did you recognize that massage medical aid can do so much for your body? relish the relaxation, sure, however, we have a tendency to want you to grasp its many advantages that keep your health thriving. However, do 

 did you recognize that massage medical aid can do so much for your body? relish the relaxation, sure, however, we have a tendency to want you to grasp its many advantages that keep your health thriving. However, do massages provide more than relaxation?

Once you get a massage, your pulse rate slows down, your vital sign lowers, and your blood circulation will increase. That gets elements to your cells and increases your body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

Massage medical aid additionally increases your endorphins, which can offer you a way of pleasure. And it’s no secret that an elevated state of mind contains a positive impact on your mental health.

Studies reveal that massages may boost your system and assist you to fight illnesses like colds or the flu.


Most people are going for body massage therapy to treat acute body conditions. It’s famed to assist with these conditions, among others:

• Myofascial pain syndrome

• respiratory disease

• Fibromyalgia

• Depression

• sleep disorder

• Headaches

• High blood pressure

• Digestion problems

• Back pain

Our full body massage center in Deira Dubai can help with other medical needs, as we have a tendency to pay. For example, we use techniques to relieve sinus pressure and to assist remove your headache. Our signature massages can additionally reduce feelings of fatigue and speed up the healing of stress injuries.

In short, programming routine massages with our team at Revives can help your overall health in ways that reach the far side of relaxation.

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