Instead of the basic and regular massage in Abu Dhabi of kneading and body works, traditional Thai massage employs stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques. It includes pressured and deep massage to stimulate the body’s energy pathways. Our professional therapist moves at a snail’s pace on your back. She’ll ask what degree of pressure you favor and use it on the strategic points on your body with density.

This type of Abu Dhabi traditional Thai massage is taken into account as a medical treatment in Thailand and most popularly referred to as the “lazy man’s yoga”. Many spas are used on regular massage tables or they’ll ask you to lie on a floor mat wide enough for the therapist to be ready to move your body. You’ll be asked to wear loose-fitting clothing during which the spa will provide. Thai massage is a new massage spa in Abu Dhabi, but it’s actually an ancient sort of massage. It’s thought to have been developed by traditional therapists in Thailand quite 2,500 years ago.
If you would like to reduce back stress, increase blood circulation, improve your well-being and adaptability, do this Thai massage. It’s one of the simplest massages in Abu Dhabi. Relaxation combined with the energizing massage techniques so, you’ll feel mentally and physically restored. This Thai oil massage is enhanced by the addition of highly concentrated and natural plant oils. These are called essential oils. It’s a complementary therapy that’s offered alongside standard treatment. The smell is the most primal of our five senses. It’s primary to become distinct once we are born.
Revitalize your mind and body with the most cost-effective massage in Abu Dhabi. At a reasonable price, you’ll experience the simplest massage in Abu Dhabi. Visit The Revivers and enjoys the invigorating and relaxing effects of Thai massage.

Traditional thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage

Starts from 249 AED 60 minutes

Thai Massage assists decline with muscling torment and stress with a solid back rub procedure utilizing palms and fingers. Read more