The concept of the Revivers is concentrated on the opulence and pure indulgence of the trendy massage therapy that’s supported old and traditional spa therapies of Arabia. Not just a retreat from the surface world, the Revivers is more about therapies for the body, mind, and soul.
As a home massage service, the Revivers therapies and coverings like aromatherapy, specialized massages, slimming sessions, organic facials, and far more. All ingredients used are of the freshest and highest quality to make sure an expensive experience rich in nutrients, scents, and benefits.
Step into a replacement world of relaxation. Feel your pain and stress melt away as you enjoy an ultimate massage experience with Revivers. With our range of massages, we’ll customize for you the unique massage treatment that completely suits your needs and your mood.
The famous oil massage that the majority of people prefer. This massage as being a relaxation massage also will help to relieve stress and ease stiffness of joints and muscles.
This type of massage is more of a soothing and rejuvenating treatment that uses high-quality essential oils. Each volatile oil has its own benefits and healing properties on the various parts of the body. It’s in any case a gloriously rich experience that takes you to a replacement world of healing.
You can choose a massage with any of our massage services at an equivalent price and save half the time.
Please set back, relax, and luxuriate in our services and that we will make sure you have an excellent and invigorating experience. We’ll ensure for you the royal treatment you deserve!

Starts from 449 AED 60 minutes

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